How to Create the Perfect Relationship — The First Date

In a truly loving relationship, both partners accept each other exactly as they are, but also give each other room to grow, and it isn’t even that hard to find. If we need to change who we are to be in a relationship, we’re in the wrong one. If we want our partner to change even the smallest detail about themselves, we’re in the wrong relationship too.

Speaking With God

Is it possible to speak with God? Does He/She even exist? What would you talk about with God? Those are some of the questions I raise and somewhat answer in this article.

Why Men Are Better than Women

If we want to have harmonious relationships with men and women, we need to understand and embrace what makes each sex unique and special.

I like to Touch it, Touch It

Being touched is a wonderful feeling. Having someone touch us with their full attention focused on us, makes us feel good, worthy, and loved. Unfortunately, in our society, touch has become a very rare occasion, and even lovers can go through their whole day without even touching each other once.

How Love Can Heal All Wounds

Have you ever wondered how you can heal yourself and others with the power of love? I’ll explain how it is possible and what you need to do to achieve love’s healing powers.

Stop Putting Nail Polish on Horse Shit

Do you want to stay calm and optimistic in the face of any problem? Do you want to be always sure of yourself and know what to do?

If your answer any of those questions is yes, you need to know exactly who you are. You need to understand every single thought and habit that drives your actions and desire.

Why You Need Sex in Your Spiritual Practice

Sex is often ignored when it comes to spirituality, even though it essential for quick and easy growth. We need to ovecome the taboo surrounding sex if we want to live as a healthy and spiritual human being.