4 Ways to Make a Good Impression Without Feeling Like a Fake

No matter how great your social skills are and how smoothly you talk, if you’re not confident in your skin and don’t genuinely care about the person you’re talking, you won’t be able to make a meaningful connection and leave a lasting impression.

The Many Faces of Fear

Fear can show up in many different ways in your life, and you might not be able to recognize it. This puts you at a disadvantage because the strategies you’re using to handle a situation won’t work.

It’s Better to Be Yourself Than to Get What You Want

You probably believe that getting what you want will make you happy, but it’s just a lie that we are told as children by our parents to get us to conform. “If you do what I want I’ll give you your toy, and you can only be happy with your toy.”

Rule Your Emotions

How you feel is determined by internal rules you’ve developed as you were growing up. By recognizing and changing these rules, you can make your life much more productive and enjoyable.

How to Love Yourself

Loving yourself is often frowned upon, but it’s vital if you want to have a happy and fulfilled life. I’ll explain why and how you can love yourself.

Make Emotions your Friend and have an Amazing Life

If you have unwanted emotions, this new approach will help you to deal with them in a healthy way. I explain why suppressing emotions doesn’t work and outline a different approach that will restore your inner harmony.