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Portrait of Jonas Peter standing under a fountain.I love to create intimate relationships and to learn everything about how sex and spirituality belong together, but even though my life is great now, it was a long and arduous way until I got here.

I was a really shy child, and I grew up in a family where sexuality and physical affection never really happened, and I didn’t have any role models who taught me to express my needs and desires in a healthy way. As I grew older, the desire to have a girlfriend became stronger and stronger, but lacking even basic social skills, I had no way of finding one.

Following the ideas from fairy tales and romantic comedies, I believed that all my problems and struggles would end once I found that special someone. Alas, things turned out very differently for me.

After many years of longing, I finally found my first girlfriend in college, but after a two-year long relationship, I wasn’t any happier. In fact, I had gotten more and more depressed and even felt suicidal sometimes.

Still not knowing any better, I thought that fairy tales and movies couldn’t possibly be wrong, so I figured my girlfriend was the problem and I broke up with her.

After my second relationship, I was even worse, and my depression had worsened to the degree that I thought about killing myself almost all the time, I had to face the fact that my approach to life just wasn’t working.

So I studied everything I could find on happiness and spirituality, and I finally realized that I was responsible for my own happiness and that no relationship could ever make me happy unless I had already learned to love myself and to be happy on my own.

It took over two years of therapy, life coaching, and intensive soul-searching until I finally was able to find my inner source of happiness and to overcome the shame around sexuality that I had acquired during my childhood and to accept myself as a sexual being who enjoys making love with many women.

I realized that true spirituality cannot be separated from our sexuality, and I studied ways to use my sexuality and lovemaking for my spiritual growth.

Through this process, my life has become so much better, that I would almost call it perfect, and I want to share what I’ve learned with the world.

So I started to train as a life coach and learned various types of massage. Drawing also on my own experiences, I developed a system that helps my clients to get in touch with their deeper emotions and to find their mission in life through a combination of releasing old emotional energies through massage and going deeper into mind through talking and questioning their reality. 

Looking back, I see now, how every struggle and dark moment lead me to this point, and that I wouldn’t be able to serve as many women without them. So I’m grateful for every struggle I experienced, and I welcome every new challenge I face because I know it will make me a better and stronger person.

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